Nutribarn Keto Flour


1.4g Net Carb & 5g High Protein/Soft Roti, Identical to Wheat Flour, Ultra Low Carb, Pre-Biotic High Fibre, Low Glycemic Index(GI), For Keto Diet and Weight Loss

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• AMAZING CHAPATTIS – Just 1.4g Net Carbs Per Chapatti. You can also make flawless Parathas, Puris, Bread, Cookies, Cakes & Brownies. You can also make a variety of Indian snacks with this Amazing Flour
• 8.65% NET CARBS* – Makes Keto friendly, Diabetic friendly and a must for people wanting to lose weight. *Net Carbohydrates (Digestible) = Total Carbohydrate – Fibre (indigestible). Carbohydrates from Fibre are not absorbed in the blood, hence excluded when calculating total carb load.
• 31% PROTEIN – Get your daily dose of protein requirements in your daily meals
• 48% FIBER – High fiber is Pre-Biotic and aids in digestion
• 0.2% FAT – Perfect for people watching their fat intake.•

Defatted Almond Flour, Psyllium Husk Powder, Soy Flour. Coconut Flour, Peanut Flour, Black Gram Flour. Wheat Protein, Starch

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